Sunday, November 22, 2009

Run to Korean

On a recent misty Thursday evening with the temperature hovering around 50 degrees, I met a few friends in Central Park for a 4-mile loop run. With the winter approaching, it grew dark pretty early so it felt safer to have the company. There were more runners out then expected and the police presence was also greater than usual. We exited the park on the South end and then ran down 5th avenue to our destination Han Bat Korean restaurant on W. 35th Street.

No need for ordering appetizers at this generous restaurant (though the scallion or seafood pancake is the best that I have ever tried) because you get a spread on the house. The dishes have changed each time that I have eaten there but Kimchi is always included. This time, we also had string beans, cucumbers in spicy sauce, salad, scallion pancakes in spicy sauce and two others. Then to my favorite dish.... the Hot Stone Bi Bim Bab with veggies and tofu.

This dish is a sizzling combination of white rice that crisps up after a few minutes, loaded with vegetables and tofu. I mix mine up with spicy red sauce and salt, which adds flavor and replenishes the sodium that I lost on my way to dinner. Not only a tasty dinner, but healthy one too!!

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